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Creative advice session

Creative advice session

I offer loads of free advice on my blog but maybe you need just a bit personal help. If that's the case then I've got something for you!

I love helping other creatives. As I get questions on a daily basis about illustration, technical bits and how to run a business, I am offering these personal sessions.
This way you get my undivided attention and honest advice I have gained in my 15 years as a creative professional.

Pick my brain (1 hour)
This session is for people that need a bit of motivation and need general help with illustration, including tips and tricks on how to get started.
You can ask me questions during this session which I answer to help you get further. Questions can be how to properly scan your artwork, what copyrights are, good ways to build a solid portfolio, how to build a strong Instagram-presence, or any other problem you're struggling with!

Diving into it (1 hour)
This session is very well suited for those who need more in-depth help. After ordering a session, you will receive a questionnaire that you need to fill out before we have our session. This way I have a clear idea of what you're struggling with and I can help you even better. I'll take a look at your portfolio and social media beforehand so I know what you are creating and working on.
During the session we discuss your work and you can ask anything you want. After the session I'll write a summary of what we talked about with some tips.

Please note:
- The session can be held in Rotterdam, or through Skype/phone. You can select below what your preference is.
- Every session is one hour. If you need more time, please email me.
- Please select free shipping when making your payment.
- When you've booked a session I will contact you within 2 business days with dates and times you can pick from.
- Once we have set the date and you cancel the session, there are no refunds possible due to the short time frame.
99 EUR