For those who chose '(international) shipping with track and trace' I can trace the package.
If you chose regular international shipping there is no way I can check where your package is.
The shipping method is your choice when placing the order, so you have the option to choose what suits your needs best.

Unfortunately I can't do any type of refund (no money back, no product exchanges or discounts for damaged mail or losses). 
The reason is because I can't take the blame for post system's responsibilities. It's just me running my shop (I'm not a co-operation) and right now I'm simply not able to pay for those accidents.

You have more security when you select '(International) shipping with track and trace'.
You can see where your package is located and file a complaint when your package is damaged. I highly recommend this if you live somewhere where packages get lost often, or if you're located outside the EU.